DVL Groups Limited

Dear partners,

please beware of DVL Groups Limited.

They were doing business with us since 2012 and their operations are based out of India, but from last year they are not paying their debt. They owe us $ 3618, we are chasing for payment from August 2018, but there is no proper response from their end. First they requested to net off, so we tried to do that but after sometime their routes stopped working.

After continuous follow up in January 2019, they asked for time to settle debt by last week of February 2019 but now they are not picking our call nor responding us on Skype or mail.

We don't left with any option therefore posting this information on Forum. Now we will recover the O/s amount ($ 3618) with the help of International Collection Agency.

We are looking to offset, If you have a debt to DVL Groups Limited please help us in this issue.

We would really appreciate your cooperation.



Globe Teleservices Limited