Call Plex

We would like to appraise you with a very disgraceful situation in our company, We would like to inform all our partners and friends that the employment of Mr. Jinson Mathew, Carrier Sales Manager with Voxmage International has been terminated and have been discharged from his respective duties as on November 25th 2019.

During the investigation we have found the act of felony from Mr. Jinson Mathew since last 8 months.

Mr Jinson Mathew had utilised Voxmage credibility and employment showcase for establishing his personal business, He was running a cracked version of VOS server with IP: (company name: Call Plex) without the company knowledge and created a loss of USD 25406.00 with the company, which then he planned to invest for the new venture.

Charges on Mr. Jinson Mathew have been as follows:

1. He was parallely running another server while working with Voxmage International and used his seniority and experience with the clients and vendors for addition of his personal IP in the name of Voxmage.

2. He sell routes and collected payments though different banking accounts without company knowledge and informed company that those clients are non-payers, he utilised his trust with the company and tried to cheat us to the maximum.

As the above charges have been proven with documentary evidences during the internal investigation, Voxmage has decided to terminate the employment and decided to go ahead to take legal course of action.

We here by request to be appraised with the following emails, contact numbers and linkedin profiles so that we comprehend the proceedings and detailed investigation as part of damage control and seek the customers help in mitigating such unprofessional practices.

a. Company Name : Call Plex
Email ID:

c. Contact Number: +91 9496820774

d. Linkedin profile:

We here by request you to keep a check of such business practices, people and debar them from the carrier community so that the malpractices are kept on watch.