TM Connections

Dear partners,
please be aware of TM Connections. -
In May 2020 we (OGN Communications) were contacted by their team and they were looking for doing business with us, claiming they had a good volume of traffic to Colombia, Peru and Jamaica.
We signed an agreement and company was approved for a $3,000 credit line, they started sending traffic and failed to pay the first invoice ($1,654.95), we suspended the service and then right away we received a ‘’wire confirmation’’; we unblocked the service and in couple days as the bill was up to $6,781.22 USD, we found out it was a fake wire so we blocked back the service and started chasing them for funds to be deposited, but it was too late.
We sent innumerous e-mails to their billing staff ( without responses, we also tried to call them in Skype.
If anyone know other means of contact and whereabout of these people, please contact us. Thank you.