Ideal Communications Inc

Ideal Communications Inc owes us $2 236.90.
We opened them with a credit limit of 2k USD and they didn't pay the first invoice.
Their director said they can pay after 2 months and offered offset with 5 ports capacity which will take months to burn credit.
After we requested payment ASAP and 5 ports is not a real offset she said she will even close the 5 ports and did so.
We are in the industry for over 16 years and debt free company in good standing with timely payments to our vendors. This was the first time we did business with Ideal Communications Inc and we are not paid. Their director tells she will be able to pay after 2 months and wastes our time with 5 ports capacity for offset.
This post will be removed when payment is done.
Please reach out to us for more information if needed (