Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Macrocom" company.
Address: Tbilisi Georgia, Kostava str. 68a
IP: 212.72.148.[196, 198, 200],
Telephone: +99532332204; +99532488014

"Macrocom" company owes to "ExpressTeleservice dba Lancktelecom" company $ 9177.26 and refuse to pay off the debt.
CEO Mr. G.Tshakaja is in constant travelling on the countries of the near abroad in search of new partners (and having forgotten about old), so we consider as our duty to warn everyone that this company is the debtor without the slightest desire to repay the debt.
The company has very specific viewpoint to the following questions of return of a debt:
1. What is the sense to pay back the debt? Do you have any good routes?
(sales department personnel - Shorena)
So if you decide to give them a credit take care of having good routes, because "Macrocom" can refuse to pay the debt.
2. The debt appeared during the previous director Mr. S. Esakija work. We can't find him for now and all documents are lost
(financial manager L.Beridze)
So you can forget about your debt with the next change of managers. Personnel from this company do not make any differences between corporate and individual person.