Intersviaz, Efim Katz (Yefim Kats), Aleks Markovsky

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Intersviaz company.

Intersviaz owes IPXP Europe 1800 USD since end of 2007. At the beginnig they gave promises to pay for the half year, after a while Yefim Kats and Aleks Markovsky start to redirect at each other, saying that nor one nor another can decide financial issues.
Month ago they payed us USD 250. Since this time we can't gain any money from them.

During last talk Yefim Kats contradict oneself:

1) regarding all questions about debt he redirect us to Aleks Markovsky
2) affirm all routes were low quality and he will not pay for it
3) threaten our company with the lawsuit
4) allege he is unrelated to Intersviaz company

Bank details:

Beneficiary: White & Red International

On behalf of ISI

1824 Meadowland Drive

Brunswick, Ohio 44212


Beneficiary’s Bank: Bank of America

S.W.I.F.T. code: BOFAUS3N

Acc./IBAN 381 705 0046

Total debt amount is USD 1550.

We (IPXP Europe) categorically do not recommend to work with Yefim Kats.