Harmony Telecoms

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Harmony Telecoms.

Site: www.harmonytelecoms.net
Address: Suite 307, Aldana 4 Building, Manama, Bahrain
Contact person: Ritchel Cesar and Neil Matheson
Telephone: 973-1724-46-08
E-mail: rcesar@harmonytelcoms.net ; neilm@harmonytelecoms.net

Harmony Telecoms company has an outstanding balance with VoIPShop Telecommmunications Inc. since June 2008.
They usually pay in time, but the last time provided us with a fake payment order.
Harmonytel is now out of reach: no answer to phone calls and e-mails.
We'd appreciate if you share any of your financial experience concerning Harmonytel with us (hr@voipshop.net).