Dear partners.

Please be aware of Amitelo company.

Address: Alter Wandrahm 12 20457 Hamburg Germany
Contact person: Andree Gesekus
Telephone: +49 69 133 89 36 10

We (MundeTel Communications) have been trying to reach a contact person at Amitelo for months but they've been stalking us until now. They owe us $5130 and when we asked for the balance, they said Amitelo is acquired by a company named: AIDA Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH. Amitelo says we need to contact this company to get the pending balance.
We contacted Aida but they said they're going through audit and they can't make a payment.
When we contacted Amitelo again, they said that branch is acquired and this is another company in Switzerland. This is very ridiculous because on the contract, they used that website and that logo. We signed the agreement with Amitelo. So, Amitelo should still be responsible.
I believe they just want to get away with this balance. I wonder how many carriers they didn't pay...
When we contacted our carrier manager, Andree Gesekus, he said he resigned and don't have any information.
This is just not right, not professional and should be agaisnt the law.