Caryn Systems OU

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Caryn Systems OU.

Address: Estonia, Merivale tee 1-K187
Contact person: Dmitriy Dzhafatov

Dear Collegues!

We were recently faced with incredable insolence of one company we were dealing with called "Caryn Systems".
They owe MTBC not such a huge sum (total amount is 7000 USD), but still...
All attemts to get updates about payment were same - promises to solve issue tomorrow.
Once they tired about tomorrow - they sent us an email, with exact dates and promises, that not later then this due date debt will be utilized.
Untill now we did not receive any founds from them, besides now they don't reply messages and emails.
By a phone talks we were forwarded with this problem to Dmitriy Dzhafatov (Caryn Systems Director), who didnt respond us as well.

We strongly reccomend you NOT to have any business with this company.