Falcon spot (VoIP) ltd. or Falcon Group

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Falcon Group.
Site: www.fpspot.com
Address: Unit I, 14/F., 129 King's Road, Dallas, Texas, 75226, USA
MSN: falcon.voip.1@hotmail.com
Contact person: Edward Braun
Telephone: +20165555257
On the 15 of July we (GBA Network Group) made a contract with Falcon spot (VoIP) ltd.,
located at Unit I, 14/F., 129 King's Road, Dallas, Texas, 75226, USA.(We believe that the address and the company are fake).
They start sending traffic to us and after the first week we sent our first invoice who didn't got paid for “Swift code error reason”. They called us every day telling different stories about the bank transfers and we sent several others invoices until we stop the traffic. Anyhow, they have an unpaid balance of over $ 35000.
The IP from where he sent traffic to us was and on his tech form he had but he never use this one with us.

We start tracing the media IP’s and we found out that some of the traffic was coming from different companies like Ibasis, Sprint, Fusion Telecom, Phonetime, Wavecrest, Sound-Telecom, Simphony Telecommunications. Talking with some of this companies we found out that he is using the following fake name for business relationship, same as he has done to us and that in fact he is an egyptian citizen living in Cairo:
Edward Braun
Falcon Group
MSN: falcon.voip.1@hotmail.com
Tel. Mobile: +20165555257
For receiving money he is using the following:
Bank Information:
A/C: 014014864 - 001
Bank: HSBC - Cairo
Branch: Maadee Branch
Swift Code: ebbkegcx
Account Name: Ahmed A. Moniem Mohamed
After talking with different other companies we found out that has done this before with other telecom companies.
If you need more informations contact me at gbanetworkgroup@gmail.com