VOIP Escrow (VE10 and VE4)

Dear partners.
Please be aware of  VOIP Escrow (VE10 and VE4).
Site: www.ve10.net
Address: 610 SW Broadway, Suite 401 Portland, Oregon 97205 U.S.A
Phone: 360-326-8741
E-mail: billing@Voippayments.net; sales@Voippayments.net; support@Voippayments.net
Please be carefull with this company. They own us ("First Telecom", Australia) 120000$.
They was suppose to pay 2 month ago but they feed us with excuses.
One of the excuses is that they was sold to other company and everything will be allright.
Till now we dont get any money and no one to speak with. They NOC dont dealing with billing
and billing is never answer not emails and not phones.
Looks like they have cash flow problems, but it doesnt help us much.