TNE Global Telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Tom Hadden and his company TNE Global LLC.
At first they seem like the ideal customer. Always paying promptly and very easy to deal with.
Beware though - they placed a $20,000 depoist with us (m2m telecom ltd.) and sent $50,000 worth of traffic while our backs were turned.
They have indicated that they have no intention of paying the additional $30,000 and will wind up their shell company if we chase the debt.
Watch out and don't get caught by the same scam as we have.
Thomas Hadden has other family members working for TNE.
Phone: 773 687 0531
Netops: 888 480 0642
He is somehow associated with Hart Telephone (claims to own a large share).
Dont let Tom Hadden steal from you in the same way as he has with us.