CTI Technology Inc.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of CTI Technology Inc.
Site: www.ctitelnet.com
Address: Joe DiMaggio Building, 4040 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, Florida, 33021

Company Principals:
Ruddy McGlashan - OWNER
Angie Spoto - Finance Director (Maybe Owner)
This individuals owed us (Liveplanet communications, USA) close to a thousand dollars and for 4 months gave us the run around. Angie was extremely creative with reasons she could not pay. First it was that she did not receive invoices (she actually did). Then it was about  being busy doing equipment upgrades. Then she claimed she was waiting for major funding to come through from so called investors. One silly laughable promise after the other while claiming at same time that they were not cheats.
They ran off with a relatively small amount of money, but the amount is not the issue. The issue is the ethics and credibility of this people. If they will rip off a thousand dollars from us, they will rip off a million from anyone else. Several of our partners also claim they were ripped off by Angie, Randy and the folks a CTI.
Just be careful when you to business with this people. They may leave you standing in the middle of the sea a lot with all the silly excuses from Angie.