Voice Networkx

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Voice Networkx.
Site: www.voicenetworkx.com
Address: 2227 E. Florida Ave. Ste. E-100 Hemet, CA 92544
President of company is Malcom Leal.
Says he has a PhD and sometimes refers to himself as Dr. Leal.
I met Malcom a few times over a couple of years at trade shows.
We actually did some business back and forth sending mobile traffic to Mexico.
Malcom called me in March 2008 to see if he could send us some traffic, estimated at $1,000 per week to landlines in Mexico.
I said fine.
In six weeks he sent $50,198 worth of traffic and has never paid one penny of this to my company, AmeriMex Communications Corp.
Malcom also publishes a magazine by the same name, Voice Networkx.