Base Telecom Inc.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Base Telecom Inc.
Address: 4000 Steels Av. W #205 Vaughan, Ontario Canada L4L 4V9
Fax: +1(905) 850-4642
Phone: +1(905) 851-3926 ext 222
Contact person:
Oleg Cheine (Director Sales/Marketing)
Alla Cheine (Account Manager)
Leo Maroussi (CEO)
Bob Shanbhag (Director - Direct Sales)
Igor Taracanov (Controller)
Base Telecom company was our (Speedflow Communications Ltd.) partner over a period of 3 years.
They increases traffic volume from 1000 to 12000 USD starting from June 2008, but payed all invoices in time.
After all they set up a disput post factum for the summer three months (total sum: 2076 USD) without any explanation and CDR.
IAW agreement's article № 4 they engaged to provide us with CDR as a proof of the dispute. But we doesn't receive any CDR till now.
All payments were received in concordance with bills and passing traffic volume between companies. We received no disputes in a period from 1 January 2008 till 7 September 2008. Traffic volumes coincide with invoices and payments till 1 September 2008. IAW agreement's article № 4 dispute can be sent within 30 days from issuing of an invoice. Supplier is not obliged to store CDR for the whole working period without any valid excuse or customer's disput.
They states by word of a mouth that 50% of all traffic - was probably FAS. Average ACD was about 4-5 minutes for any month. We received no documents as a proof of their words.
Our CDR has not been approached. They doesn't want to pay anything, even non-disputed sum.
We try to carry on negotiations with them - but no results. And it's not easy to communicate, because they use obscene words. Aslo they try to threaten us saying they will make complaints about us at Interpol.
Non-dispute sum is 12157.29 USD.
If any company have the same troubles with Base Telecom, we will be glad to join forces to solve this question juridically.
Please be careful with this company, they can fraud you as well.