Martelcom group of companies

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Martelcom group of companies.
We (VoipMax Telco, USA) entered a binding contract with this company and prepaid for traffic and based on the contracts and trust of the involved parties moved forward. They never teminated a single minute.
Woody would make you believe they are a big time company, however they don't have any money at all. Will give you stories about how sick etc. he is, amazing person.
Woodrow W Bowling, Jr
General Manager
Martelcom Group of Companies
USA..Colombia..Honduras..Panama..El Salvador..Cuba
Coming soon...Guatemala, Nicaragua & Mexico
SKYPE:                          wwbowling
MSN messenger: 
1-256-415-5156             USA cell
504-9-952-3752             Honduras & El Salvador
504-3-347-6997             Honduras & El Salvador
57-312-535-9678           Colombia
507-6-699-5059             Panama
We have the contracts and further information for anyone who is interested to see,
VoipMax Telco, USA