Dear partners.
Please be aware of WTI company.
Site: www.wtillc.com
Address: 22722 29th Dr. SE, #120, Bothell, WA 98021
Contact person: Trisha Smith; Chris Gillen; Robert Manning
Tel.: 425.949.0051; 206.940.5600
E-mail: tsmith@wtillc.com; cgillen@wtillc.com; rmanning@wtillc.com

WTI owes our company (Digeraty Networks Inc., USA) $2,000.
They have run small volumes of traffic weekly for many months, always paid slow and required several reminders to pay.
Over 30 days they built up this balance, and now they have stopped taking our calls and have blocked our e-mail addresses.
We are unable to send offsetting traffic to reduce this balance.
This account is now placed with a collection agency.
For more information, please contact me via e-mail: abrindowski@digerati-networks.com.