Fair communications

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Fair communications and Zain Niaz.
Address: Al Mina road, Dubai
MSN: zain304@hotmail.com; ahsam503@hotmail.com; grace171@hotmail.com
Contact person: Zain Niazi; Khalid Faisal
Phone: 00971505288984; 00923213877306
E-mail: zain304@hotmail.com
Zain Niaz is a fraud, he owes several companies, including our company, and is normally introduced through a trusted contact.
Company names used are Fair Communications and Able Communications.
His key interests are African destinations with high volume. and Pakistan.

Company: Fair Communications
Name : Zain Niazi and Khalid Faisal
Address: Al Mina road, Dubai

Bank: EMIRATES Bank http://www.ebi.ae/ebi/impnotice/default.htm
Account #: 01-98765032

Phone No.: 00971505288984

00923213877306 pakistan number

Fair Communications had a termination agreement with us (Roscom Telecommunications, Germany), they sent traffic for sometime to us and disappeared, they  owe us (and other companies) a large sum of money.

We later found out that either the company's name nor his name were correct name, the office adress Zain Niaz gave us was not his actual adress, we could just not trace him.

The only thing we know are the IP he used:

Mail and msn : zain304@hotmail.com
Tech. support : Ahsam503@hotmail.com
Billing contact: Grace171@hotmail.com

If you want to know more information about this situation please contact me via e-mail: admin@roscomtelco.com