Dear partners.
Please be aware of Bzgroup.
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Dear partners.
We (Intelphone, Georgia) would like to announce that registered in USA, Brooklin ( ) has made us problems.
We were working with them for 2 month and they were paying normally, but the last payment had to be made on December 15-th.
We had 15/7 agreement, and it was not payed in time, instead on 25-th, we were contacted and been told that the sum was payed and we only recieved the scan of the E-banking document which was told the payment was made on 25-th, but when we cheked the transfer in JP Morgan Bank they said that by this refference number was not found anything, and it should be visible in couple hours maximum.
So we are checking this transfer and even today it is not visible aslo the bank representative said that the refference number given to us was for transfer made on December 12th. So when we became susspicious about their company we contacted their Sales Manager - Eugene Osipov, but we did not get any clear answers about fake FED Refference number or on our demands to send us swift code, and they said that the money is transfered and founds will be on our account on 6 January ( it means the wire transfer needs 11 days ?).
We are not accusing them in fraud for now, but we have big suspections.
Company web site:
So if anyone had such problems or questions please feel free to contact us via e-mail: