Article about world crisis

How the world crisis affects telecoms? What tricks can you expect and how is it possible to protect yourself from them?
We reflected on it basing on the changes in the users’ activity on our site. We can start from the fact that during the last two month the number of publications about cases of fraud on increased by about 20 percent against the previous month. The number of registered users on our portal has considerably increased as well. It shows that people are concerned about the situation on telecommunications’ market and they are trying to get as much information, as possible, to protect their business.

So what is going on and what should you protect your business from? The worst is that fraud companies create a chain reaction, which can affect 3-4 or even more companies at a time. The company, that run into some major fraud in crisis period, may become a defaulter itself, so now its’ partners will not get expected earnings and may be forced to freeze their payments as well. So, now we are facing the situation when even respectable company may become a threat for your business.
What can be done in this situation? Credit checks are not always 100% reliable, are they? Of course, the most obvious answer is to stop giving any credits and work only on pre-paid terms, but it would destroy most of small and middle telecoms and, correspondingly, weaken even powerful corporations.
We have talked to representatives of one of leading VoIP companies to learn how they are going to deal with that. So, they have worked out trade-off decision intended for securing themselves from defaulters and frauds as well as for preserving convenient conditions of partnership. In the nearest time the managers of the company will review all contracts with their partners and corrections in mutual credit lines will be made. It will assure that all circumstances of current situation are taken into consideration and companies did their best to ensure themselves from risk of unreasonably big credits.
Well, we consider it to be a good way for big telecoms to preserve their partnership and still make their business as safe as possible during hard times.
Administration of will do all possible to remain reliable source of information about participants of telecommunications’ market. Your trust is the major priority of our work!