Plaxis Telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Plaxis Telecom.
Address: 31 Harley St., London, England W1G3QS
Fax: 441.6191.91606
Contact person: Al Jumaili, Aki Akiwumi-Thompson Jr., Jak Matalon
Tel.: 441.6191.91605

Plaxis Telecom owes Digerati Networks nearly $8,000.  Since the first invoice, they have always paid late.  We extended terms from net 3 to net 7 to try to accommodate them, but still they paid late.
Their last payment came one week before Christmas, and then they closed for two weeks.
Although they do eventually reply to our e-mails, we are never able to reach anyone by phone.
The e-mail replies promise they will bring the account current but give no date or amount.
The last e-mail from Plaxis Telecom stated they were holding payments and reviewing all invoices due to alleged overbilling.
Holding payment due to dispute is a violation of our contract, and the invoices in question are outside the valid dispute timeframe in the contract.
Plaxis Telecom has been notified of these issues and payment has been demanded.
Legal action will be pursued as necessary.
If anyone has information on this company, please contact
Updated: we were able to recover the dues through offsetting traffic and the account was closed on June 2, 2009.