Edge Telecom GmbH

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Edge Telecom GmbH.
Site: http://www.edge-telecom.de; http://www.edge-telecom.com
Address: Friedrichstrasse 35 D-16321, Bernau b Berlin, Germany
Contact person: Sven Hege, CEO
Tel.: 494.122.966.990
E-mail: billing@edge-telecom.de; hege@edge-telecom.de; info@edge-telecom.de; noc@edge-telecom.de

Edge Telecom owes Digerati Networks over $37,000.  This company paid our first four invoices late, with postdated wires, and short of the invoice amount each time.  Our attempts to address these issues with the customer were ignored.
With one invoice outstanding and partial balances on the first four invoices, Edge Telecom then closed for Christmas and the New Year.  Since they returned January 5th, we have not been able to contact anyone there.  We continue to receive invoices for offsetting traffic, and trouble tickets for their blocked traffic, but no one will respond to our e-mails or calls.  Each day we call and are told Sven Hege is unavailable or in a meeting, and there is no one else in the company who can help us with payments.  We also send e-mails daily, and although we get read receipts, no one answers.
The credit references of Edge Telecom led us to believe this was a stable and creditworthy company.  We are pursuing formal collections and will proceed with legal action as necessary.
If anyone has information regarding this company, please contact abrindowski@digerati-networks.com.