Gotech GMBH

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Gotech GMBH.
Address: 34-20 Calle, Panama 5
IP: ,
Contact person: Alexander Kim
Fax: + (38 044) 501 - 6569

Tel.: + (38 044) 501 - 6569
ICQ: 239944940

Gotech GMBH owes Easycom Exchange SARL about 1900$ already long time.
We ask to pay us since the end of 2008, but didn't get payment yet. They always answer that will pay soon, that have debtors and waiting money from them. We tried to use their routes, but all routes are FAS or just No Route to destination. Never any normal call passed to their routes.They prolonging time saying that another providers calling normally, sending new rate notifications, we are then testing by hand, again nothing passing. We asked them to sell routes to anothers and pay our money, especially that it is not so big sum. They say that they are in hard situation and haven't money, they can't give even concret dates when they will be able to pay.
So be carefull of this company. They can't pay even little sums.
If you want to know more, please contact us via e-mail: ashkhen at