Bridge International Communication, Inc.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Bridge International Communication, Inc.
Contact person: Keith Richards, Robert Munoz, Michael Maizels
Tel.: 925.300.7191

We (Digerati Networks, Inc.) dealt with Bridge as a vendor only, for a few years.  About one year ago we opened inbound ports for them, but the balance was almost always in their favor.
In the past 30 days, at their request, we increased their capacity.  Their inbound traffic gradually increased, accelerating in the last two weeks.  At the same time, they gradually closed our ports, and within one week they surpassed our balance by over $4,000.  Now they will not answer our e-mails or phonecalls, and they are not accepting any offsetting traffic.
Legal action will be taken as necessary.
If you have any information on this company, please contact ua via e-mail: abrindowski at