Vuelle Elettronica

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Vuelle Elettronica" company.

Address: Via Caldera, 21, 20153 Milano - Italy
Contact person: Angelo Catalano (sales director), Cristina Losi, Vittorio Berti
Telephone: +39 02 30590 244, +39 02409244 20, +39 346-2278190, +39 02 305901, +39 02 40924430, +393488865630
Fax: +39 02 30590 243, +39 02 40914558

"Vuelle Elettronica" owes "Callforeign LLC" $ 2k and refuse to discharge this debt.

As far as "TEC consulting ltd." has achieved repayment of debts from "Pearl telecoms ltd." due to our help, "Pearl telecoms ltd." removed from our debtor companies database.
We wish both companies further efficient work.

Coral worldwide LLP

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Coral worldwide LLP."

Address: Suite 1, The Studio, St. Nicolas Close, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3EW, England
Contact person: Anish Batel
Tel: +442080998288

They bought routes and didn't pay. They told "ASK-VoIP" that they wired invoice and they sent scan copy of paycheck, but "ASK-VoIP" didn’t got


Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Infinicall" company.

Address: A809, Phileo Damansara 1, Jalan 16/11 off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact person: Cheh Chris
Tel: 6016-9681716

"Infinicall" will pay at beginning and later will start lagging in payment moving from prepaid to postpaid. They will issue post-dated cheques/payments which will bounce/fail. Office location will move from one address to another.
"Infinicall" owes "Omni Telecoms" about USD 10 k [since January 2007].

Five 9s network

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Five 9s network".

They send some traffic before New Year. Didn't pay bills and ask not to close routes to give them ability to earn money during holidays. They promise to discharge the indebtedness after holidays, but didn't fulfil a promise.
Now "Five 9s network" totally ignore "IpCallGlobe"'s e-mails, calls and the total amount of the debt is $ 2038,99.

Address: Bridgetown, Barbados BWI


Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Call4u".

"Call4u" owes "Speedflow communications ltd." $ 9247 and refuse to discharge this debt.

You can see the situation below.

Travel telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Travel telecom".

Contact person: Marina Nechaeva, Fomichov Mikhail
Telephone: 74852584000
Icq: 378-743-507, 310-444-018

Black Diamond

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Black Diamond company.

Adress: 2020 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., Suite 304, Washington DC 20006
Contact person: Menelik Zelekem

Black Diamond company do not pay supplier's invoices for many months. If you have either any available information about this company or outstanding debts, please contact us for mutual settlement.

Doxil trading ltd.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Doxil trading ltd.

Volocall twin

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Volocall" twin.

Contact person: Ovidiu Negroiu
Telephone: +1 313 483 5755