Dear partners.
Please be aware of Uscam company.

These guys are plain old thieves.
They have promised a route to Mexico Mobile for 8.1 cents/minute, we (Nishty Telecom) deposited close to $6000 with them, then all of a sudden they went ahead and changed the rate to 15 cents/minute and demanded more money when we "ran out".
We have tried to get our money from them by all means including disputing the payments but nothing worked.

Transtel Argentina

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Transtel Argentina.
Address: Yrigoyen 1530 - 4th Floor Buenos Aires Argentina
Contact person: Juan Bartolome, Sandra Pinero, Jorge Martinez, Maxi Bustos
Telephone: 5411 7450


Dear partners.
Please be aware of Latinode company.
Address: 9800 NW, 41st Street Suite 200, Miami, Florida
Fax: 1-305-5924949
Contact person: Juan Collins
Tel.: 1-305-5924848

Latinode has an outstanding balance with VoIPShop since April 2008.
Debt sum is USD 4190,63 .

Caryn Systems OU

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Caryn Systems OU.

Address: Estonia, Merivale tee 1-K187
Contact person: Dmitriy Dzhafatov

Dear Collegues!

We were recently faced with incredable insolence of one company we were dealing with called "Caryn Systems".
They owe MTBC not such a huge sum (total amount is 7000 USD), but still...
All attemts to get updates about payment were same - promises to solve issue tomorrow.

Bridgepoint Philippines

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Bridgepoint Philippines company.

Contact person: Jomar Araneta (CEO)

Bridgepoint Philippines sent traffic to our Indonesia routes.
They owe us (IG Technologies) $6,353.94 and refuse to pay.
We've been trying to contact them, but no response from them.


Dear partners.

Please be aware of Amitelo company.

Address: Alter Wandrahm 12 20457 Hamburg Germany
Contact person: Andree Gesekus
Telephone: +49 69 133 89 36 10

We (MundeTel Communications) have been trying to reach a contact person at Amitelo for months but they've been stalking us until now. They owe us $5130 and when we asked for the balance, they said Amitelo is acquired by a company named: AIDA Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH. Amitelo says we need to contact this company to get the pending balance.

Harmony Telecoms

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Harmony Telecoms.

Address: Suite 307, Aldana 4 Building, Manama, Bahrain
Contact person: Ritchel Cesar and Neil Matheson
Telephone: 973-1724-46-08
E-mail: ;

Harmony Telecoms company has an outstanding balance with VoIPShop Telecommmunications Inc. since June 2008.
They usually pay in time, but the last time provided us with a fake payment order.
Harmonytel is now out of reach: no answer to phone calls and e-mails.

PVT - Speak2Phones - Server4Voip

Dear partners.

Please be aware of PVT company.

IP: - -
Contact person: Zafar
Telephone: +44-1223-773135 , +1-310-6681246 , +33-3 59817618 , +92-331-5106733

PVT company (called aswell Speak2Phones and Server4Voip) owes money to our company (BlueOne Telecom).

Zafar sends wire transfer copies that have been fake.

Please, be adware.

Intersviaz, Efim Katz (Yefim Kats), Aleks Markovsky

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Intersviaz company.

Intersviaz owes IPXP Europe 1800 USD since end of 2007. At the beginnig they gave promises to pay for the half year, after a while Yefim Kats and Aleks Markovsky start to redirect at each other, saying that nor one nor another can decide financial issues.
Month ago they payed us USD 250. Since this time we can't gain any money from them.

During last talk Yefim Kats contradict oneself:

1) regarding all questions about debt he redirect us to Aleks Markovsky
2) affirm all routes were low quality and he will not pay for it

CALL IPY Telecom

Dear partners.

Please be aware of CALL IPY Telecom.

Address: 4020 SW 67 th Ave, Miami, FL, USA, 33155
Phone: 1 305 434 7171
Contact person: Marc Jacob; Michael Stern; Phillip Rachlin

They ask for routes, promising to give routes to Mexico and USA in exchange. While checking was in progress, only one channel was working.
Traffic was send to 380, 98 for the amount of USD 14000.