Yutele Technology (HK) Limited

Dear Partners,
please be aware of Yutele Technology based in Unit 04,7/F,Bright Way Tower,No.33  Mong KoK Road,KowLoon,HongKong (IPs:;;;
The main contact is Davin (e-mail:, Skype ID: yutele.davin).
Yutele owes us (Axistel Fze) $ 1170.90 from June 2015.

Pure Minutes Bilateral Group LLC.

Dear Partners,
We would like to warn you against company Pure Minutes Bilateral Group LLC, who owe us $36381.04 since March 2016. Please find their contacts and debt details below.
Pure Minutes Bilateral  Group, LLC
45 Broadway, Suite # 1440 New York, NY 10006
Eric Ramos, President
David Cooper, CEO
Marat Grinberg, Managing Director
We firstly interconnected with this company in Aug 2015 on conditions of 7 net 7 billing, $3000 as a minimum payment and $10000 of credit limit based on the agreed business case. The company did not have any payment problems from the start and arranged 5 timely payments, until March 2016 when current debt emerged.
The due amount was accumulated for only two days in the beginning of March 2016, when traffic rocketed, so that balance exceeded the Credit Limit by 5 times and we were forced to block them.

Security threats

Dear Partners,
There has been a surge of phishing attacks on VoIP companies employees recently, and we want to share our preventive security recommendations to keep your VoIP business safe. Intrusion attempts follow a pattern of gaining user's access credentials in order to get access to VoIP platforms user works with.

In few words, phishing is a term for attack aimed at gaining access to user's logins and passwords by messages, links or files pretending to not be what they actually are. The most common type of phishing is e-mail/IM-based one, involving malicious executable file attached. File can be sent from both unknown sender or from account of already compromised contact - it is often disguised as rate sheet or interconnection offer.

Warning! Typical malicious file is an executable - script with ".wsf" or ".vbs" extension (or even less exotic ".ps1", ".bat") - opening such file without knowing its contents is extremely dangerous. Don't let its name fool you, these files can't ever contain rate sheet data or office document of some sort. Once run, it registers itself in OS and listens to user actions and sends application data to attacker (finds e-mail access credentials, contacts, browser history, etc.).
With all of that, hacker is able to use acquired data to login into users' accounts in different systems. The main attack vector is VoIP companies employees since intruder has specific intention of adding third-party IP addresses into routing settings to send fraud traffic, so the whole scheme is designed to work this way. After one attack is successful, he is trying to spread the exploit by sending it to other people from user's contacts hoping they'll be careless enough to accept and open the file.

Mohamed Shakaf Ahamed Mohideen - Director of Links Tec Limited

Dear Partners,
Please be aware of this fraudster Mohamed Shakaf Ahamed Mohideen - Director of Links Tec Limited, who owes us (Aqua Mobile Limited) a total amount of $5832.78 for VoIP traffic since the year 2014.
He has given us so many promises to settle the outstanding, but always defaults. He has now started ignoring our phone calls all together.
He is now attached to another VoIP company and lives in the U.K. We advice all partners to take care when dealing with him.
We are in the process of preparing for legal action against him in order to recover the money owed to us. If he does pay it in full, we will inform everyone the same and request for this complaint to be removed.
Thank you.


Please be aware of this man, Evan Stanley,  he owes us (Ejointech) $1495 since 14th Feb 2017.
At first, he claimed he was in CMT LTD and sent us docs such as CMT audited report and certification.
Actually, he is a fraud and not a member of  CMT LTD.
After credit limit was exceeded, he sent us a fake wire copy.
When we found that and tried to contact him, he totally disappeared and didn't reply any more.

His Skype:   live:evan_2559
Address: 53 Islington Park Street, London, N11QB, United Kingdom

Urban Gage Limited or Jeo International HK Limited

Dear Colleagues,
Beware of Urban Gage Limited or Jeo International HK Limited.
They cheated us (SpeedWind) $1150. They will offer aggressive rates and ask you to prepay and once you start paying them some big amount they block the routes, block you on WhatsApp, starts ignoring you and not giving any valid reasons whatsoever.
Address: 7/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong, Victoria City
Skype: urbanvoip
Phone: +1(518)665-6055
Name: Awan Jinge and Rinel (probably fake names)

E-Vox former Voip4biz

Dear partners,
I submitted my post last year because E-Vox cheated our company (Italbbel Dynamics).
We opened a voip account with them, and initially it worked well. After some days it didnt work at all. For months we tried to contact them and ask them why it was not working our voip account. They didn't answer at all.
After posting a scam message on they reacted immediately and asked us to remove our post as the account would be fixed urgently. So we removed our post and the account start working.
After a couple of months the same happened, the account didn't work any more again suddenly and now after almost 1 year that I have asked to them to fix the account again they don't answer at all, so I am reposting my post, but this time I won't remove it at all as this is what they do, they get prepayed, take the money and you loose everything.
Be aware of E-vox,, former Voip4biz they are not willing either to give us back the credit we have in our voip account or to fix the problem and let us use that credit. I have tried since then to ask them several times to fix the problem but no concrete solution was offered and our voip credit is stuck.
I am happy your website exists so that no other people become victim of these fraud companies.

E-Vox Srl.

Dear partners,
please be aware of E-Vox Srl.
represented by Giuseppina Giovagnini
Company owes us (Speedflow company) total 7070,43 USD for Accucore and Mediacore Softswitch rent.
Their promises to pay never became reality. At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.
Address: Via Vulcano 4/B, 00015 Monterotondo, Rome, Italy
Contact persons: Giuseppina Giovagnini, Luca Brizzi, Marco Dipasquale, Anna Lazareva
Tel.: 390699340508, 390239440885, 393356279299, 37496464716, 393929186810

International Noma Inc.

Be aware of International Noma Inc. represented by Nataly Shvets, Vitaliy Kravchenko, Olga Korobova and Ievgeniia Novikova.
They owe Dexatel 2454$ for more than 3 months, they don't reply to our e-mails, ignore our skype messages, phone is not working, routes are closed.
Any support in solving this issue will be highly appreciated.
International Noma's contacts:
Address: USA 236 Blue Point Avenue Blue point NY 11715
Phone:+1 509-174-3486
Vitaliy Kravchenko
skype: vitaliy_krava
Olga Korobova
skype: olga.noma

Infinity Connect Ltd.

Infinity Connect Ltd. owe us (Yutele Technology Limited) 1228 USD since Aug, 2016.
We keep sending payment e-mails to them, but they didn't give us any response.
Their CEO Ali said their bank has issue, so ask us to send traffic to offset the due, but untill now they have not open any route for us.
Here we would like to look for partners help to netoff the dues if any of you work with this company.
Kindly share the information. Many thanks!

Here is their contact details:
Ali Butt

skype: infinity.connect
address: Infinity House, 23 Dean Court, , Rochdale, OL11 1TX, UK