Catalynk Techno Global LLP.

Dear Partner,

Please Be aware of Catalynk Techno Global LLP. They owe EvoiceBD Ltd. 6000 usd.  They are completely fraud. Firstly they given us their fake TR from the companies like vodafone and bsnl. Their given TR email id is; for bsnl,;for vodafone and from Hcs- Technologies. All of the companies replied that they are giving huge credit to them and they are getting payment on time. We have trusted as the TR from companies like vodafone and bsnl cant be fraud. We have rechecked again with their company registration is India and found good. Please find their company registration link given below:

Telecom Call Center SRL

We created business relationship with prepaid sums over time to get better rates as they said tier 1 reseller, then after 2-3 months they dissapeared with around 4900 euro, and guy Claudio started to make every time a new lie like he is in hospital and something like that. Damaged our business not because of money owing but of stoping us to offer some good routes to some long term clients.
They scammed many other companies and they are lucky that I have not find them yet.
It seems their business is over because have never heard of them, maybe they are running in new name now.
Bitblue VoIP


This company owes us (Hansa Telecom SIA) money and does not react on our remindres.
Address: Building 9 AL-Zhour Quewisna, 32631, AL-Menofia, Egypt


The company used our VoIP services in the month of July 2018 and they have not made payments. They have since gone under and not answering our chats or e-mails. The contact sales person is Kyle Johnson, Skype ID: live:sales_77414
Address: 6882 135 Street Surrey BC V3W 5R9
Company contact number: +17788000639

Anyone with information please e-mail me on:


Dear partners,
Please be aware of TelMot Inc represented by Manon Tremblay and Douglas Meites
They owes us (NobleTel) USD 2006.00 and not replying us from past few weeks and no reply to mails
They have provided fake TR's.
If you have any information about them please contact us at
TelMot company details:
Address: 407 - 23 Soeur-Jeanne-Marie-Chavoin Gatineau QC J8Z 1V9 Canada
Contact person: Douglas Meites (Sales), Charles Blake (NOC),Jean Claude Leau ( Director)
Tel.: 6134167991
Skype: douglas_4362

Vivitel Communications Inc

Dear telecom community,

We are Admy Telecom Inc., Voip Wholesale provider.

Want to aware you from Vivitel Communications Inc. they take from us more that 10K credit of two invoices and not paying at all.

Invoice n2 and invoice n3 they sent us fake payment receipt for invoice n2 and they get it refunded. After they said that they will pay both invoices together, but they blocked us on Skype and not responding our e-mails from all departments.

Please be aware from:

Skype: live:sales_65270
Skype Noc: live:noc_1474


Thank you.

Vivitel Communications Inc

Dear partners,

please be aware of Vivitel Communications Inc. They have not paid $2300 their due to our company Vtcallshop Limited. They made some many promises, but never come truth. We saw their posting on same forum as we are posting but we dare to allow them credit and we lost that payment. Please beware about this company.

Please see the e-mail conversation with them. If you need e-mail kindly send us e-mail request and we will forward you the e-mail.

Please stop even single dollar for this company.


MAG Telecom SRL

TVI Connect started doing business with MAG Telecom in December 2017. After we wired $2500 to them they disconnected the lines. They don't reply to e-mails, do not pick up the phone and do not reply on Skype while they are visable as online.
Be aware of this company and do not do any business with them.
The contact person is Mr Shabir:
MAG Telecom is looking for more companies to interconnect so please inform your contacts about MAG Telecom.
Kind regards,
Andre de Jong
TVI Connect

Arus Telecom known as Arustel

Dear Partner,
Please be aware of Arustel company with it's adress: Arus Telecom
Kostaki Pantelidi, 15 2nd Floor, Flat /Office 204 Strovolos, 2057 Nicosia Cyprus
They have debt to us (Rea Systema) in amount of 3.316,00 usd. And as this debt was accumulated in 15 days we have reason to suspect they have offsetted other debts with using our routes and then stopped answering and leaving us in minus in this case.
Arustel has been ignoring all our mails and skype requestst from November of 2017. Last they mailed us on 13 th of November with this:
Below their mail:
Dear partner,
We want to update you regarding the payment situation at Arustel:

Future Telekom

Dear Partners,
Please be aware of "Future Telecom" from UAE with its adress Ras-Al Kamiah P.O. Box 1611 Dubai, UAE.
Their outstanding debt towards our company Rea Systema d.o.o. is $2189,19, which has been generated since begining of 2018. We are all aware that now is month June.
Based on Agreement what we signed from both side - minimum payment is $2000. We want to clear this balance out so that we can terminate business between us as there is no business case.
They avoided the obligation in the way asking us SOA and after we sent SOA, there was no answer.
Several time we sent warning about it on same e-mail adress what we sent the SOA
They answered that did not receive SOA.
SOA was sent again.
To our next warning they ignored us again, and after few days answered that they are on holidays.