Dear All,
We hereby inform you that you exercise caution when interfaced with Veloxcom. They are a company registered in Argentina Miami, the owner is Jose Luis, they work in Pre-payment but unfortunately they have been us wrong.
They usually offer routes a good price, it was first sent prepayment and routes worked well, and we continue to work with them, but then we did another prepaid and routes continued to function well, then began to fail routes for days fell and then returned to lift and when we consume part of our prepaid, they said they had dropped their routes and would warn us when lifted, but so far no answer to our e-mails or calls, and four months ago they closed us the routes, and they refuse to refund.
Please inform all you can to prevent your company be affected by these people. The person who recommended us to Veloxcom was a trustworthy person but turned out to be a bad influence, his name is Erick Paz.

Global Voice Connect

Dear partners,
please be aware of Global Voice Connect
represented by Ivan Warman
They used our MediaCore Softswitch and Ivan promised to clear the debt up to December 2015, but he still owes us USD 859.
At present time he is ignoring our e-mails.
Contact details:
Address: 1835 E Hallandale Beach Blvd #349, Hallandale Beach FL 33009
Contact persons: Ivan Warman; Martine Zeltzer
Tel.: 17542737273; 17542294002
Skype ID: ivandemian; martine.zeltzer; supportgvc

ICI Connect

ICI Connect, Terray Glassman, Carrier account is over 60 days past due now...
ICI Connect is NOT responding to any emails or phone calls from OST... they have been submitted to collections and if anyone has any other information about them and/or can verify that they are out of business, please contact us accordingly.
OneStopTel Team
Ph : 12124443003 opt. 3

TelAfrica Mobile

Dear partners,
please be aware of TelAfrica mobile. They owe us (SymphonicTel) USD 3000.

First they use route and once reach their limit they come up with different excuses of banking issues. Do not fall prey to them they owe us 3000 USD and do not want to pay us. Initially they were responding us by offering route (which never worked) and now completely ignoring all our messages over Skype and e-mail. Given below is my conversation with their CEO.

Anyone dealing already with this company please do not pay them - contact us and we would like to settle our dues.

360 Telephony

Be aware of 360 Telephony.
The below mentioned people cheated us (Gventure) badly and broke our trust. They are inter-related companies. They are not responding at all. They used our routes, initially paid, gained our trust and finally cheated us. Total 28000 USD they didn't pay.
They (360 Telephoney) send fake slip.
Mr Abdul Skype ID: abdul360telephony,,

Voice Wholesale Service

Dear partners,
please be aware of Voice Wholesal Service.
They owe us (China Huaallen Telecom Co.,Ltd) $2100 for Afghanistan non cli route from the beginning of Sep,2015.
After we request for payment, they disappeared and we did not get any response from them yet.
Please don't deal any business with them.
Contact persons:

Megatron Solution

Dear partners,
please be aware of Megatron Solution
represented by Nleko Thokozani
Company owes us (Speedflow company) total USD 215,65 for MediaCore Softswitch rent.
Their promises to pay never became reality. At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.


Dear partners,
please be aware of Veronow.
They owe us (Bustan Telecom) USD 18000.
The sales skype : mckenna.veronow
At 31-8-2015 we started  business that they use my ETHIOPIA route at rate 0.068. They used first time about 2421 usd and they  give me 2000 usd payment via my UAE bank.

YX International Information Co., Ltd.

Dear partners,
Please be aware of YX International Information Co., Ltd.
Their outstanding debt makes $324.18 and they even don’t want to offset it via traffic.
They insist that made a payment to our former bank account, which was already closed, so there was no possibility to receive their money. They don’t even put an effort to investigate the issue with their bank (if they really made that payment).
I really comprehend that the debt amount is small one, but the disturbing thing here is their attitude towards their partner.

Voizen Inc.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Voizen Inc.
represented by Roger Valdes
Company owes us (Speedflow company) total USD 339,33 for MediaCore Softswitch rent.
Their promises to pay never became reality. At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.