ChangShi Communications Inc

Dear Partners,

Beware of ChangShi Communications, represented by Tuny Wu (Skype ID: tonywulj / Email:;

They owe us (Aqua Mobile Limited) $548.27USD and are not replying any of our e-mails or phone calls. They initially made a part payment by PayPal, and told us that they will make another payment by bank wire, but never did. After some time Tony Wu stopped coming online. We have sent them many emails requesting for the outstanding amount to be cleared, but neither he nor his billing department are answering to any of our emails.

We have given ChangShi Communications plenty of time to reply to us / settle this outstanding amount, and since it looks like it is unlikely they will pay, we have decided to inform the public about them in order to avoid other companies from making a loss as well.


TelexRay Communications ltd.

Dear partners,

please be aware of TelexRay Communications Ltd.

This company owes us (Ejointech) 10865.444 USD and does not wish to pay. At first they sent two false bank wire for a large temporary amount credit limit. After that they say that our company had problems in bank account.

It is quite clear this was just another trial to gain more time. They were ignoring all our payment requests. We even request to open exchange route. But they didn't pay us any amount. 

Their account manager Maya and billing without any reply and disappeared.

We would appreciated if any company dealing with them can help us ( offset this amount. Thank you.


Wholeswitch Telecom Holdings Limited

Dear All,

Beware, Wholeswitch Telecom Holdings Limited is a fraud company.

They are experts at providing quality routes while in testing phase & then once you make the payment, they provide FAS routes.

After multiple follow ups over phone calls and e-mails they promise refund, but they never refund and eventually ignore our e-mails.

Wholeswitch Telecom is waste of time & money.

They operate with the IP:


Fast Technology Limited

Dear partners,

please be aware of Fast Technology Limited


represented by Mutasim Khalafalla


They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 2463,36 for VOIP traffic for period 16 May - 10 July.

At the present time we are looking for netting with Fast Technology Limited.


Skyvia Telcom Communications Co., Ltd.

Dear Partner,

Be aware of Skyvia Telcom, they owe usd 3 669. We can't get from them any response or explain about debt. They closed for us all routes.


Skyvia Telcom

Tel: 86 411 84613316

Fax: 86 411 84613316

Mobile: 86 15998639059




Dear partners, 

Please be aware of VoipTC FZC
Their outstanding debt is $3000, which has been past due since February 7, 2016. 
They are even not suggesting any working route to be able to offset the debt via sending traffic back.

See below the information about VoipTC FZC:

Legal address: Ras Al Khaimah, P.O.Box 16111, United Arab Emirates
IP addresses:

Atlas Azul LDA

Dear partners,

Please be aware of Atlas Azul LDA.

Their outstanding debt is $1860.62, which has been past due since April, 2016.

They are not even suggesting any working route to be able to offset the debt via sending traffic back.

See below the information about Atlas Azul LDA:


Legal address: Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro,16. 1200-369 Lisbon, Portugal


IP address:

Contact: Daniela Nocera / CEO

Glennet S.A.R.L.

CEO:  Leopoldo Baumann

Account Manager: Albrecht Woelke


Trade references companies:

1) Ora Consultants LLP

2) Telefonno Communications GnbH

3) Globaltelephony Communications Inc

4) Momentum Communications Inc


This company does not answer our (CallCaribe INC.) collection e-mails for more than 2 months and not our messages sent via Skype. Corporation

Dear partners,

please be aware of Corporation


represented by Valerii Volkov


Company owes us (Speedflow company) total USD 834 for MediaCore Softswitch rent.

Their promises to pay never became reality. At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.


Pure Minutes

Be aware of Pure Minutes represented by manager Marat Grinberg and CEO David Cooper.

They owe Dexatel 5000$ since last month, every day we hear promises that the payment will be done soon, they also don’t have any working route, so we couldn't send them traffic.

We already started legal actions with US based law firm, anybody who suffered from Pure Minutes' fraud actions can join our legal actions against them.