Impact - Telecom LTD

Dear partners,
please be aware of Impact - Telecom LTD.
They owe us (Telecom Routes 53) USD 18000 for wholesale traffic. They paid our first Invoice for USD 5000 to gain our trust, but when we asked about remaining Invoices, they blocked us in Skype (live:sales_61972) and run away with our money.
If you want to know more please contact me via e-mail: or Skype:

Sakhawat Commercial Broker LLC.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Sakhawat Commercial Broker LLC.
represented by Waqar Haider
They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 3891 for VOIP traffic.
At present time we cannot get our payments in time and they ignore our e-mails and phone calls.
Address: 302 Fatima ul Obaid, Deira, Dubai, UAE
Tel.:  +9714-425-3970, +44-208-123-7373, 18455885858
Skype: waqarehaider, Noc.inter-technic


Tarasol Telecom owe us (BBTVOICE Pvt. Ltd.) 4500 USD since December 2016.
We keep sending payment e-mails to them, but they didn't give us any response.
Their Director Mousa Ghayada said they have some issue with Bank and they have not open any route for us.
They don't reply to our e-mails, skype message, phone.
Routes are closed for us.
Here is their contact details:
Mousa Ghayada
skype: tarasol.sales
address: 97th Alrazi Street Jabal Alhussain Amman

MobileNet POSA AKA SpeedTalk Mobile, Jolt Mobile, AlarmSIM

Dear partners,

Please be aware of company Mobile Net POSA, registered at 824 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90017, doing business as Jolt Mobile, Speedtalk mobile and Alarm SIM

This company owes to us $18000 since October 2016.

We began to work with them in December 2015, (they signed contract as Network Enhanced Technologies, Inc. and later changed to Mobile Net POSA) and provided them VoIP termination service until November 2016; their managers were always in touch with us and we were happy to provide them the best service we could.

North South Connection LLC.

I have sent them 3 invoices, totalling amount of US$771.72.  They sent me a fake payment confirmation for the amount of US$403.58.  After I did not recieve funds for over 5 business days, they cut off all communication.

All of their listed numbers are not working.  No response from e-mails.

The contact information I have per contract is:

Michael Finch, e-mail:
Skype: ns.michael

Mark Hill, e-mail:
Skype: ns.markhill01


Address: 59-40 Normal Road # 1 FL, Jamaica, NY 11432





SIA EuroAfro Group

Advise Srl twin

Hi all,  we would like to inform all our network that we have been victim of a scam "Twin company".
They also using the name of one of our Account manager "Rafael Lucca" with a skype id: rafael_9968 that is not the one belonging to our Account Manager.
We have been informed that a fraudster is finalizing fake interconnections, contracts under our brand Advise Srl.
They send traffic, cumulate a debit protected by our reputation and never pay the outstanding.
We have a proof of a contract completely fake. Signatures and stamps are obviously fake as well.
They use emails under the domain which is not belonging to Advise SRL.
The fraudster also cloned our official Website.
The fraudster sent trade references that are totally fake on behalf of other probably fake or twin companies that probably are directly involved in the scam.
Please consider as valid only the following domain: ( The fraudster is sending traffic from the IP:


Dear Partners,
Please be aware of Connect2Nation, we (Space Tele Services Pte. Ltd.) have lost 3501.94.00 USD due to their debt, they are fraudsters. 
The contact person Vinod K Singh started this company with dummy name Connect2Nation and hired Account manager to start business. He is not an honest guy and now started business with other company names such as Trident Global Services, Karyon Global Corporation and AdSquare360. He delayed the payment from Jan 2016 and made up many excuses like they will arrange next week, but next week never come. 
Then the person/company disappear totally with no response and reply, and even the Account Manager left the company. We choiced to trust him and waited very long time, but always no result.
Please do be careful doing business with them.

Below you can find all details about the fraud company:
Company Name: Connect2Nation, Trident Global Services, Karyon Global Corporation and AdSquare360
Contact Person: Vinod K. Singh
Mobile Number:+18327488765
Skype: singhvinod77


Dear Partners,
Please be aware of IP2IP based in 1/230, Netaji Street, Mumbai India.  The main contact is Kapil - CEO of the company.
He owes us (Axistel Fze) $ 11801.90 from Sep 2016. IP2IP ignoring our e-mails and not responding at all.
Skype: kapil.ip2ip

Telefonix Inc.

Telefonix used our services from October 2016 till 21st of February 2017.
They have summed up a total amount of USD 2.624 USD and as per contract, we (FL-Connect Telecom Services GmbH) asked for payment from them.
For 2 weeks, we did not receive any Info. Our AM was online on Skype but did not respond. Mails to Billing, NOC, rates, our AM as well as all other mail addresses we had were ignored.
We also called the company number several times but no one except the IVR took the phone.
Finally, we put this matter on to a Fraud Forum on Linkedin. Then our AM, Mr. Taras Oleksyuk reacted as following:
[07.03.17, 16:00:54] : i am simple employee here
[07.03.17, 16:01:21] Daniel Flöckinger: Why arent you paying us?
[07.03.17, 16:01:26] Daniel Flöckinger: Why does no one talk to us for 2 weeks?
[07.03.17, 16:01:48] : Company has cashflow issue
[07.03.17, 16:02:11] : there are clients owing us as well
[07.03.17, 16:02:18] : thats's why delays have place and we dont pay any longer. You are not the only one.

Tele-Com Asia LTD.

Dear Partners,
Please be aware of Mr. Dan William representative of the company Tele-Com Asia LTD. They owe us (Primo Teh d.o.o) 3279,62 USD.
Two days after we sent them the first invoice their billing department sent us a false wire copy that the invoice amount has been payed. We never got this payment.
In the meantime we sent them one more invoice and we closed the route on them. When we requested for the both invoices to be payed we received an email from sales (signed by Dan William) explaining us that Dan William commited a fraud inside the company and disappeared. When they recover money they will pay us the invoices. They have not done that, we are still waiting...
Contact detail: Dan William (sales director)
Skype : live:william.hk00852
IP Address:,
Company name: Telecom- Asia Ltd.
Address: Unit 428, 7/F., Alliance Commercial Bldg, 133 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong
Director: Lucas Smith