Skype ID shushan_43 and e-mail ID

We have received information that someone with a fake Skype ID shushan_43 and e-mail ID is presenting himself or herself as a member of Dial Telecommunications team.
We would like to officially announce that we don’t have such an account in our company and that individual is fraud and is trying to rob you. Please do not start any cooperation with the said person. We will not take any responsibility for the actions of shushan_43 Skype ID.
Please do not confuse this person with Shushan Zakaryan, who is an employee of Dial Telecommunications, whose official Skype ID is shushan-dialtel, and E-mail is - it is her only Skype and E-mail ID.


Dear partners,
please be aware of Callrout
represented by Roshan lal
They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 152 for Mediacore SMS Switch Rent.
At present time we cannot get our payments in time.
Address: No :7/a kandy road, Collombo. Srilanka
Post address: No.185, rayan road 2nd floor,zone 57 Doha. Qatar
Contact person: Roshan lal
Tel.: +974 33008246, +974 55680098
Skype: roshanqatar1


Please be aware of IXC based in US, we have lost $696 USD due to their debt.

The founder of IXC is Arkady Sorokin, is not an honest guy, he delayed the payment from SEP. 2017. And made up many excuses like they will arrange in next week, they will offer route for release…from then. We choiced to trust him and waited very long time, but always no result and no accuracy info from him.

China Skyline Telecom doesn’t plan to get the money back, but we need to let the bad saboteur known by all VOIPers. Please do be careful doing business with IXC.

Below you can find all details about this company:

Company Name: IXC US


Founder: Arkady Sorokin (Skype ID: rkashka, Mobile NO.+16465220590)


Skype: rkashka;live:athomas_429;ixc.noc


Dear Colleagues,
Be aware working with IXC LLC (registered address at 560 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 3160, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 USA).
They owe us (PureVoip LLC) 3356 USD and do not respond on emails and skype messages, phone calls.
Manager was
Arkady Sorokin
30 Wall st, 12th fl, New York, NY 10005
Main: +1 646-768-9500 / Skype: rkashka / Email:

Nlinks Limited

Dear partners,
Please be aware of Nlinks Limited.
Their outstanding debt is $1304.4, which has been past due since March, 2017.
They are not replying to our emails and phone calls.
See below the information about Nlinks Limited:
Legal address: 150 St. Stephen's Road, London, E6 1AT, UK
IP addresses:
CEO: Chowdhury Mohammad, email address:
Contact - Raushan Jaiswal
1. Email addresses:
2. Phone #: +393396275436
3. Skype: raushan.nlinks

NDd-Direct Solutions FZ LLE

Dear partners,
please be aware of NDd-Direct Solutions FZ LLE
represented by Nilantha Lakshitha Kithsiri Ratnayake
They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 676,75 for Mediacore technical support and update services.
At present time we cannot get our payments in time.
Address: 19th Floor, Creative Tower PO Box 4422 , Fujairah Creative City, Fujairah, UAE
Skype ID: nilantha999

Al Saleem (SAL TEL)

Dear Telecom Guys,
Please be informed that Rovex Telecom is looking to offset the debt with Al Saleem (Sal Tel,
General Manager is @Ahmed Dahdah (!!!!
Address: Anwar Paris 1 Complex, Paris St 20, Amman

Ventura Communications S.A.

Please beware of Ventura Communications S.A.
They owe Ecocarrier Inc. $2092.37 and do not respond to emails and phone calls.
Address: Piso 2, Torre Humboldt, Calle 53E, Urb. Marbella, Panama
Contact person: Marilyn Colantoni
Tel.: (+507) 836.5722, Fax: (+507) 836.5959, Direct Line: (+1)913-297-1250

Apollophone / Apollo-USA / Fonum Inc.

Apollophone aka Apollo-USA aka Fonum Inc. owes Macarena Solutions LTD. 6652 USD and refuse to pay off this debt.
Their promises to pay never became reality.
Apollophone has shifting date of a payment for half a year.
We are looking for offsetting the debt with your 30% favor.
We would appreciate your cooperation or any information on this matter.

Contact person: Jeffrey Platt
Tel.: 78126431000