Dear partners.

Please be aware of VOIPACK ICS, Inc.

Voipack ICS made an post payment agreement with us (DRC Tel).

In one weekend their traffic was calculated in $33.000. They argue that their customer had not paid us.

We hope you could be aware of them.

TNE Global LLC

Dear partners.

Please be aware of TNE Global LLC.

At first they seem like the ideal customer. Always paying promptly and very easy to deal with.

They placed a $5,000 depoist with us (DRC Tel) and sent $25,000 worth of traffic while our backs were turned.

They have indicated that they have no intention of paying the additional $20,000 and will wind up their shell company if we chase the debt.

Watch out and don't get caught by the same scam as we have.

Dasa Telecom LLC.


Dasa Telecom owe us (iXP Telecom) US$317,446.00 for Eritrea traffic they sent to us at the end of November / beginning of December 2018.  Its been almost 3 months now and they keep just saying that they are waiting for their customer to pay.

When this traffic was exchanged one of the mistakes they made was not telling us that they will not be able to pay it in the following payment cycle, but to wait for the end of the month. However, every week they just keep saying that payment will come.

Supposedly the customer is Telefonica but at this point, we have no real proof at all who the customer is and if they really going to pay.  Dasa has sort of provide collaboration in trying to offset the traffic, but they are not really putting effort in offsetting and we are in a big mess.

Jamani Telecom

Dear partners,

please be aware of Jamani Telecom.

They owed us 4500 USD from June 18 and we could hardly offset part of the due, currently 1995 USD.

They are not honest guys, they delayed the payment from June. And made up many excuses like the company has some legal  issues etc. 

We though to trust them and waited very long time, but always no result and no accuracy info from them. Their routes didn't work well, so we couldn't send traffic.

Please do be careful doing business with Jamani Telecom


They are from Isalamabag, Pakistan, but it seems their address is also aware of them.



Recargas VoIP En Línea S.A.S.

Brand Telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Brand Telecom.
As soon as the Agreement was signed they sent us huge volume of traffic and when we sent them our Invoice - they simply blocked us and dissappeared.
Contact details:
Address: Сhrysler building 123 East 43d Street, Suite #437 New York, NY 10017
Technology Terminals LLC.

Quickcom Global twin

This company is fake. Real Quickcom Global don't have dash symbol '-' in domain name:
- fake domain name:
- real domain name:
Miss Jessica is a representative of this company and she asked me to work with her.
So I started work with her with credit limit of 600$. When my bill reach to the credit limit she is not replying me for last 2 - 3 days.
I am trying to ping her again and again, but she is not replying. She is online on Skype, but not replying. Her Skype ID is:

Sumaira Telecom

Melliton Ltd.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Melliton Ltd.
They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 166,26 for VOIP traffic.
At present time we are looking for offset.
Thank you.

FastWeb Telecom

Serious scheme of deception for 20200$.

A few years ago, a Manager from BICS (Skype - belgacom.carrier) was added to my Skype account. Then there was no work with them. At the end of last year 2018, I wrote to the Manager of BICS about the request to cooperate with my company R4 group. They refused.

I occasionally wrote to them on direct routes. And in February 2019, they advised me to work through the Italian company Fastweb Telecom.  

As the company FastWeb Telecom is the largest on the market, we provide them with the 7/7 settlement period, no limit.

Moonstar Communications GmbH

Mooonstar Communications GmbH have owed us (Janacom ltd) $4109.82 since June 2018.

We interconnected with them in May 2018 and when payment became due we chased and got no reply.

After 6 chasing emails we had a reply to tell us payment would be made within that week - no payment made.

After a few more chasing emails we had the reply below:


"There are changes for the MoonStar Communications GmbH Shareholders. This process is on going and depending on the status it will take some time to finish the process, therefore there can be some delays for the invoices and related payments.

We guarantee you that all the open invoices and delayed payments will be closed/done after finalizing the Shareholders changes in the MoonStar Communications GmbH."


Symphonic Tel

Please be aware of Symphonic Tel. They used my route and didn't pay after asking about payment they stop replying my messages. Be careful from them.

If anyone working with them you can ask about my issue they will only refuse you because they don't want to discuss it. And if they agreed to talk please create a Skype group to make it clear.

My Skype: kkpasha

Company name: AM Telecom