Atlas Azul LDA

Dear partners,

Please be aware of Atlas Azul LDA.

Their outstanding debt is $1860.62, which has been past due since April, 2016.

They are not even suggesting any working route to be able to offset the debt via sending traffic back.

See below the information about Atlas Azul LDA:


Legal address: Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro,16. 1200-369 Lisbon, Portugal


IP address:

Contact: Daniela Nocera / CEO

Glennet S.A.R.L.

CEO:  Leopoldo Baumann

Account Manager: Albrecht Woelke


Trade references companies:

1) Ora Consultants LLP

2) Telefonno Communications GnbH

3) Globaltelephony Communications Inc

4) Momentum Communications Inc


This company does not answer our (CallCaribe INC.) collection e-mails for more than 2 months and not our messages sent via Skype. Corporation

Dear partners,

please be aware of Corporation


represented by Valerii Volkov


Company owes us (Speedflow company) total USD 834 for MediaCore Softswitch rent.

Their promises to pay never became reality. At present time company is ignoring our e-mails and phone calls.


Pure Minutes

Be aware of Pure Minutes represented by manager Marat Grinberg and CEO David Cooper.

They owe Dexatel 5000$ since last month, every day we hear promises that the payment will be done soon, they also don’t have any working route, so we couldn't send them traffic.

We already started legal actions with US based law firm, anybody who suffered from Pure Minutes' fraud actions can join our legal actions against them.


HD Data Networks

Dear partners,

please be aware of HD Data Networks. They owe us (Routevoice Limited) $2200 USD.

The full scenario is that, they started business with us as a prepaid via paypal, but after 1 month they guy asking for OD of $500 & $1000. He was started excuses like he have issues on Paypal payments etc...

As per his countinues payments on prepay basis,  OD for him reached $2200. We chasing him for payment for more than 3 months, he blocked us on Skype and not even responding on e-mail.

We call him, he put us in black list, not even replying in whats app.


Kindly check below full information of this guy:

Company name: HD Data Networks (company based in Bangladesh)

Trident Global Services

Trident Global Services has used our (Robo Dialer) VoIP termination for about a year. They have always been slow / late to pay their bills and have been turned off for non payment many times. This last time they stole $801 from us and now they refuse to respond.

Vinod Singh was my contact on Skype, I Skype him and he refuses to respond and I call him and he hangs up on me.

I was told they were going to pay by that was many weeks ago and yet I have not seen any money and now they are not responding.

I was told by other providers they also got stuck with a bill they won't pay and they used a hosted switch that we were on and didn't pay that bill either.

This is a company you don't want to have anything to do with.

Alfa Teknology SPHK

Dear Partners,

Please be aware of Alfa Teknology SPHK.

Represented by Ali Yoruk & Mustafa.

They owes us (NA Networking Limited) USD 7159 for VoIP Traffic for the period between 11/1/2016 - 7/2/2016.

First they said they transferred the money by mistake to another company, then they said that they have a bank accounts blocking.

Their Sales person Mustafa continued to give new excuses and new promises of paying, then he started not to answer us.

We sent a last notification before 10 days but we didnt get any reply.


Cloud 9 Telecom Limited

Cloud 9 Telecom limited has a debt to Janacom Ltd since Dec 2015. Despite being asked many times they have not made payment nor offered routes to offset the debt.
We have been in contact with them but they have not made any attempt to clear the debt.
Avoid dealing with this company as they are unable to pay their debts or offer routes.

Sky Sonic Corporation Limited

Be aware of a fraudulent company called Sky Sonic

After connecting with them, they sent us traffic, they failed to pay and did not reply to any e-mails.

They owe us (Janacom Ltd.) $4017.41 since November 2014, they do not reply to e-mails and cannot be contacted. Their website is not functioning.


Their details that we have:

Peter Chueng - - 'head of operations' - contact number: 85237596903

Moni Banik - - 'Sr. Executive, Carrier Relation'

Cloud 9 Telecom Limited

Dear partners,
please be aware of Cloud 9 Telecom Limited.
They owe us (China Skyline Telecom Co.,Ltd) $207.02 for a long time since October,2015.
After we request for payment, they always make full of excuse and empty promise.
They offered route far beyond the market rate, or make the dispute amount as the excuse to delay, they even said they only could release the payment with Paypal instead of any other payment terms today. (They know China Skyline Telecom didn't support Paypal for a long time).