Dear partners!

Be careful with the company Waymoble SL!

Legal address: Av / primado Reig 34 pta.4, 46009, Valencia, Spain

VAT ID: ESB96979109
BANK: HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc Yerevan, Armenia

Growmor Placements

Dear partners,
please be aware of Growmor Placements.
Our company Callmefone bough on prepaid a route to Guatemala Comcel from Growmor Placements company.
At first it worked good, but after some days the route was close without any explanation.

It was near to a month and Steve haven't refund us the money yet, he owe us 16.000 USD for that route.
We tried to talk to him all time, but see the money yet.

Masam Net

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Masam Net Limited.
They pay in time at the beginning of cooperation, but last Invoice for 1600 USD left unpayed. There were everyday promises to pay tomorrow, day after tomorrow and so on, but at the end they stopped answering our phone calls and e-mails.
Contact e-mail:,,,,
Manager: Tatev Ohanyan


Dear partners,

please be aware of Llamaphone.

We want to warn everybody that the company Llamaphone (llamadasporvozip / Vozip) does not pay their bills. They owe you, for example $ 1,000.00, and they claim they have no money, start paying $ 50.00 per month and then disappears.

Please be carefull while giving them any credit; the following is their information:

Owners name: Rafael Cardenas

Sierra Network Solutions Inc

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Sierra Network Solutions Inc.
This company has not paid in time for us (IXC-USA) 3 invoices for amount of $ 70,000.
From other sources we became known that the company has yet another 4 companies of about 200 000 .
Sergey Druzhynin

Sierra Network Solution Inc

Dear partners,
please be aware of Sierra Network Solution Inc.
At the beginning of cooperation they show themselves as reliable partner, always pay in time and increase traffic volume. And we increase their credit limit accordingly.
But in December they didn't pay in time. Till the end of the year they promised to pay, but starting from January it became impossible to reach them via phone and e-mail.

Sierra Network Solution, Inc

Dear partners,
please be aware of Sierra Network Solution Inc.

Ensprol Communications Inc

Dear Partners,

Ensprol Communications Inc made interconnection with us and just after beginnig traffic they disappeared.

Contacting manager's details are:

Tom Gillard

Business Development Director


Dear partners,
please be aware of Zytel company.
Manpreet Goraya is the CEO of Zytel (registered in Dallas, Texas).  He owes us over $2,600 from October 2010 - billing for traffic that he sent and never paid.
We have given him every opportunity to make payments as possible and have yet to receive any payment.
Emerging Markets Telecom, LLC
ydilella at


Dear partners,
please be aware of VoipLogy - Intech Development Inc.
They owe us (NetVoip) 1810.96 USD and we cannot get our money for more than a year.
First, they promise to pay tomorrow, day after tomorrow and so on. Second, they opened routes, but with irrational price. For two last months they stopped answering our letter and phone calls.
If anyone can help us with offset - we will be appreciated.