Latin Tree / Cesar Martinez Sampayo

Dear partners,
please be carefull with LATINTREE because  they owe our company  over $15k, for more than 5 months,  he made wire tranfer autorzation for  over $2000.- that never exist, we confirm with the bank in Spain and Peru, that was false, from that issue Cesar Martinez Sampayo sent an email and  tells us "Tomorrow I will pay Im broke, I lost everything, my Financial person made all this fraud, I have a demand to this guy" but never send us the name to his lawyer, or document about the demand, now we are open the demand over this company and Cesar Martinez Sampayo, this is a real name and we are tramiting the capture for creating false public document, swindle and fraud.


Dear partners.
Please be aware of Calleveryone company.
Address: 703 Grant Avenue Lake Katrine, NY 12449 USA
Contact person: Robb Kinnin
Tel.: 845-943-6100
Fax: 845-336-8050
Since August 2007 Calleveryone owes us (VoipAnyWhere Telecom) over 30,000 USD and from one moment to another they stopped answering phone, not replying e-mails.


Dear partners.
Please be aware of Mynomicron.
They owe us (Call 2 Moon, UK) 1000$.
First they gave us India route with $300 credit. But  before use that we sent them $1000. After they never picked our call.
Contact details:
Mr.Vishwanadahan Narayan
Mr Justine
Contact numbers:

Asterisk security issue

Dear partners,

Due to wide usage of asterisk-based solution by range of customers and existing security issues with Asterisk we kindly ask you to pay closer attention to such customers of yours.
These security issues can lead to big losses caused by "brute force" attacks and generating calls to extremely expensive destinations or premium numbers like Austria Premium, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, etc. Calls happened during night time with unusually high ASR (close to 90%) and ACD (over 15 minutes) parameters.

ADNet Systems

Dear partners.

Please be aware of ADNet Systems.


Phonetime twin

Dear partners,
please beware to the guy called Jason, msn: .
He state he is from Phonetime company:
but it seems he is not an employee of this company.
He always try to beg for daily postpay or give credit for testing. He also provide you fake bank receipt  to get route open and start traffic then run away.
His IP:

Clear Call

Dear partners.
Please be aware of a Zaheed /Habeeb  (Clear Call) Hydrabad based company.

EasyVoIP Telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of EasyVoIP Telecom.
Address: D F Malan Street, Foreshore, Cape Town 8001, SOUTH AFRICA, and 490 First Ave. S. 8th Floor St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA
First thing, they asked us for a postpayment arrangement and said that they are a big and trustworthy company.  After a week of routing, we send them invoice and never replied.

Bell Jordan Telecom

Dear partners,
Zade Ali and its company BellJordan failed to pay an invoice of a high amount to me.

Vconnect world, Aroun Khan

Dear partners.
Please be aware of  Vconnect world, Aroun Khan.
Mr Aroun Khan ( Aroun Khan Narul Islam Khan) from Bangladesh was doing reseller business with us since 3 years.
He used to send us good amount of business and on account built trust we used to provide them some relaxation on credits. That affected us very bad 5 months back.