Dear partners.
Please be aware of Nejphone.
Address: 117 Aziz Shopping Centre,Chittagong,4000,Bangladesh
Contact person: MD Nasir Uddin
Tel.: +08801713104018
First of all we would like to let you all know that we never come to this type of listing before for our debt collection.

Citi Telecommunication Ltd.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Citi Telecommunication Ltd.
Address: 02-18 Building-75,2-Krasnobogatyrskaya Str, Moscow, Russia
Contact person: Madhav, Sharypina Glina V

One of our old partner City-Telecommunication is now not responding to our queries. They owe us $6233.11 including interest as of now.

Rabbit technologies

Dear partners,
please be aware of Rabbit technologies.
Address: Meshek 71, Givat Coah, Israel, Zip/Postal: 73180
Contact person: Mr. Ron Magori (CEO)
Tel.: 972-3-9702115, 972-54-2085622
Currently they owe us 3271.28 USD since June 2009 and it seems they have no intention to pay this debt.

Nile Voip

Dear partners,
please be aware of Nile Voip.
They let us test their Egypt white route, then we have agreed on prepay basis.
We sent WU $1500 to activate our account.
We emailed them many times, but no one reply.
We tried to reach them through MSN, buy they appear offliine to us all the time.
Please cascade this to all people to avoid any future things like this.
their IPs:

Summit Globаl Communiсations, LLC

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Summit Globаl Communiсations, LLC.
They owes our company Condor Telecom Ltd. 9500 USD and refuse to pay it.
At the beginning they payed a small sum; after accumulating larger sum they offer us to decrease debt via traffic, but it was impossible since all their offers work only about 2-4 days.
Currently they do not reply our phone calls and e-mails.

Xyrous Communications

Dear partners,
please be careful of Nersi Zand of Xyrous Communications LLC.

Mascom Technologies Ltd.

Dear partners,
beware of company Mascom Technologies, which is running calling card business in Cyprus with the brand name of "Easycall".
His name is Nipul Amin, intially he did prepay, slowly he drags us into postpay.
Till this moment he was debted around 12k$ to our company Ivoice Telecom, and it seems that he don't have intention to clear the outstanding balance.
We are urging VoIP community through this website, not to trust this company and don't become their victim.

Mediterranea TLC

Dear partners,
please be aware of Mediterranea TLC.
Address: Via Emilia n. 366 - CAP 56121 - Pisa - ITALY
IP: -
Contact person: Alessandro Battaglia
Tel.: +393487835399

In 2006 my company had the corporate name like my last name, "Cutellé".


Dear partners.
Please be aware of VOIPACK ICS, Inc.
Voipack ICS made an post payment agreement with us.
In one weekend their traffic was calculated in $ 82.663.16 (about 1.082.000 minutes to Mexico Mobile) and we are still waiting a payment of that since the begining of August, 2009.
They argue that their customer had not paid them.
We hope you could be aware of them.
Address: Malecón del Salado 110A y Todos Los Santos, Urdesa Central, Guayaquil – Ecuador

Technoflux Solutions

Dear partners,

please be aware of Technoflux Solutions.

They contacted us in September about purchasing some international route time from us.

We finished interop testing with them to IP and approved them to go forward on a prepay only basis.