Lightpoint Communications LLC

Dear All,

Please beware of the company Lightpoint Communications. The company has a bad debt to us. After successful testing we have made a prepayment to them. However, the route stopped working at all right after they had received the funds, and we are not able to get our money back way more than 8 months.

Halknet Iletisim Hizmetleri SA

Dear Partners,

Please be aware of Halknet Iletisim which is based in Turkey.
They owe us $246,998.12, to Tata Communications, and haven't paid for over 6-7 months now. They don't respond, pick up phones and they have no intentions to pay. We gave them to collections.


Dear partners,

please be aware of ADE Multiservice.

This client sent regular prepayments to us (TerraSip, Spain), usually 150 USD by Paypal, since 1 year.


Dear partners,

please be carefull with VoipTrafficNow, based in New York.

We paid them on the 3. Sept. 2010 USD 20'000 prepayment. Since that time they don't give us any service, they don't pick the phone and they don't answer e-mails (since 2 weeks now).
They were just "eating" our money.

Meanwhile I found out, that were stealing money as well from others, see

Don't give them any prepayments and don't do any kind of business with them. They are absolutely fraud.

Heart Communications

Dear partners,
please be aware of Heart Communications.
They bought USA termination from us (Ardent Partners, USA)  and  owe us $1,400.00  for  over  4  months  now.  Reggy is always saying he will pay, but never sends  funds.
Now he  has  taken  to  not  answering  any our calls and not responding to e-mails.
If anyone has any information on them please forward that information to me.
Ardent Partners

Master Telecom

Dear colleagues,

Master Telecom Inc. owes Dexter Limited the sum of 8081,39 USD. This was the summary of a few invoices (March-April-May-June 2009) sent to Master Telecom but has not been covered till now.

During all this time we tried to contact the CEO of Master Telecom, but hopeless. We managed to contact the financial department and they agreed to ask the CEO to contact Dexter. Though nobody has called us so far, nor have they paid the sum.

WorldWide Com - Paynet Tlc

Dear partners,

please be aware of WorldWideCom & Paynet companies

and their employees:

Andrea Cioni (Italy/London)

They owes our company (Italiacom Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., Italy) first invoice of 3077 euro and refuse to pay it, after invoice of 1200 euro and refuse to pay it. Currently they do not reply our phone calls and e-mails.


Please be carefull while working with them.

This account msn are wanted :

Thank you.



Italiacom Telecomunicazioni S.p.A.


info at

Tistar S.A., ex PRJ (Swiss) S.A.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Tistar S.A., ex PRJ (Swiss) S.A.
They owe us (IPXP Europe s.r.o.) 6060,08 USD. Last payment was reecived on 10 August (terms 7+7).
Now we cannot reach them via phone, e-mails, etc.
Address: Via Pretorio, 20 - 6900 Lugano, Switzerland
Contact person: Stefano Gozi (director)

Telcom Business Solutions S.L.

Dear partners,
please be aware of Telcom Business Solutions S.L.
Company did not pay our two most recent invoices about voip termination, but consumed the invoiced minutes. 1.000 EUR in total. We've sent several reminders by email and regular post. No answer at all. I tried to phone 5 times. Each time I spoke with a secretary, who told me, that I have to speak with Benjamin Amezcua, but he is currently unavailable and will call back. He never called back.

NAO Technologies

Dear partners,

please be aware of NAO Technologies.

Came to us as a "friend in need" over a holiday weekend. Racked up over $3,300 in calls. Made a small payment of $ 1,100, but have refused to pay the total balance. Deny any responsibility for traffic or payment.