Voicetrend Tel

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Voicetrend Tel.

They send us (Inverner Ltd., Cyprus) a lot of traffic.
Then said they were cheated and they will not pay us until they have their money back.
After all they just disappeared.
Please check their contact details:
Technical Contact Name Raymond Manalo
Business Phone: 6324098952
Mobile Number: 639187200914

International InterConnect, IIC Tel

Dear partners.
Please be aware of International InterConnect, IIC Tel.
Address: 297 Barnes Blvd. Rockledge, FL 32955

Intelia Holding

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Intelia Holding.

Please be aware of these people: Intelia Holding CZ, Alivandr [icq] 85352195, WMID: 351850221015, Andreychik Alexander <>, Oleinikov Oleg <>.

Voip in the World

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Voip in the World.
Address: Via Antonio cassarino 44 90100 Palermo Italy

We (Grid4 Communications, USA) send them a prepay of 5000 USD and the company doesn't answer our calls or e-mails. Basically they stoll the money.
They stated many times that they would return it only to be a lie.

TeknoBiz Solution

Dear partners.
Please be aware of TeknoBiz Solution.
This guy is a fraud. He will claim he has traffic. He chased us (Liveplanet Communications, USA) for more than 5 months for interconnection. We finally interconnected. He sent traffic for several weeks. Invoices where sent and he never answered.
He later on showed claiming that he was in France to set up calling card business. Obviously a lie.
Then he said he had sent payment and produced fake transfer order. We check it with his bank and they told us it was all fake.

BD Highway

Dear partners.
Please be aware of BD Highway.
Address: 270 Hillside Dr., Ste 101, Manchester, NJ 08759
Contact person: Butler Dalton
Fax: 732 657 8667
Tel.: 732 657 8686

Base Telecom

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Base Telecom.



Address: 4000 Steels Av. W #205 Vaughan, Ontario Canada L4L 4V9

Contact person: Oleg Cheine

Bridge International Communication, Inc.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Bridge International Communication, Inc.
Contact person: Keith Richards, Robert Munoz, Michael Maizels
Tel.: 925.300.7191


Dear partners.
Please be aware of Asistelc company.
Address: C/ALICANTE 11
Contact person: Francisco Bello Santana
Fax: +34922294404
Tel.: 0034636825163

Gotech GMBH

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Gotech GMBH.
Address: 34-20 Calle, Panama 5
IP: ,
Contact person: Alexander Kim
Fax: + (38 044) 501 - 6569