On Channel USA

Dear partners.
Please be aware of On Channel USA.
Address: 6520NW 114ve siute 1622, Doral, Florida; Madrid, Spain
IP: /
Contact person: Salomon Garcia

Into VoIP Communication

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Into VoIP Communication.
Address: 130 West 67th Street, New York, NYC 10023, USA
IP: -
MSN: frank.090@hotmailcom
Contact person: Frank Jason

They promise to pay tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week and so on, but don't fulfil promises.

Bz group

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Bz group.
Address: 64 BEAVER STREET,Suite 141, NEW YORK , NY ,10004
Contact person: Eugene Kaminsky; George Osipov
Tel.: +1 212 248 0799
We are Datek Telecom, a romanian telecom based company, and we would like to warn all operators against the bad practices of BZ GROUP.

Carriexchange Ltd

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Carriexchange Ltd.
Address: 517 Sultan Business Center Dubai United Arab Emirates
Contact person: David
Tel.: +1888845960 (never connected) +971 4 334 8337 (call center)
Fax: +971 8 448 1052
We can reach them sometimes, but we got two different answer for their dept.

Edge Telecom GmbH

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Edge Telecom GmbH.
Address: Friedrichstrasse 35 D-16321, Bernau b Berlin, Germany
Contact person: Sven Hege, CEO
Tel.: 494.122.966.990

Plaxis Telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Plaxis Telecom.
Address: 31 Harley St., London, England W1G3QS
Fax: 441.6191.91606
Contact person: Al Jumaili, Aki Akiwumi-Thompson Jr., Jak Matalon
Tel.: 441.6191.91605

Inversiones Y Credito S.A.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Inversiones Y Credito S.A.

This company owes us (Alrus Telecom Inc., USA) 1740.46 USD since November 2008.
They do not want to pay back the debt and totally ignore our calls and e-mails.
Please check contact information below:

CTC Trading LLC

Dear partners.
Please be aware of CTC Trading LLC.
Address: 12252-1 Sag Harbor Ct, Wellington, FL 33414
Contact person: Ivan Moscoso

CTC has owed Global Net Holdings a balance of $2200 since June of 2007.
I have spoken to Ivan Moscoso many times and he has told me he would pay, but no money has ever been sent.

Lycatel (Ireland) Limited

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Lycatel (Ireland) Limited.
Address: Wallbrook Building , 195 Marsh Wall, E14 9SG , London.
Contact person: Inpan Mahesh (Head of finance) and Prasad Rosa (Head of commercial)
Tel.: +44 207 536 64 50
Lycatel hasn't paid us the pending balance for 9 months (may 2008 - december 2008) and everytime they came up with an excuse. The amount of debt is 78000$.

Article about world crisis

How the world crisis affects telecoms? What tricks can you expect and how is it possible to protect yourself from them?
We reflected on it basing on the changes in the users’ activity on our site. We can start from the fact that during the last two month the number of publications about cases of fraud on increased by about 20 percent against the previous month. The number of registered users on our portal has considerably increased as well. It shows that people are concerned about the situation on telecommunications’ market and they are trying to get as much information, as possible, to protect their business.