INOX Communication Networks Ltd

Dear Partner,
Please be aware that INOX Communication Networks Ltd is not paying our outstanding amount USD 500+ since more than 1+ year.
We are keep chasing and sending them reminders, but none of them bother to respond.
Please beware.
Paragon International Limited

BU Media

This company does not pay its debt and is constantly ignoring our (Hansa Telecom SIA) reminders on this issue.
Address: ul. Zurawia 22/310, 00-515 Warsaw, Poland

Pink Square Power Ltd

Dear partners,
please be aware of Pink Square Power Ltd.
Address: Roebuck Wedgewood Place, Burslem, Stoke On Trent, ST6 4ED, United Kingdom
IPs: -
They done payments for the first 2 invoices and after this not paid more. They owe us (Rainbow srl) total 10k.
Please beware.

Dear All,
OJSC Multiregional TransitTelecom (a/k/a MTT) and Broadband Telecom, Inc. (a/k/a BTI) wish to announce that they have fully resolved all of their prior differences which were solely attributable to a commercial misunderstanding.
MTT fully retracts and regrets any statements about BTI and advises that such statements were made without its authorization.

Globex Telecom LP

Dear Friends,
If anyone has idea about the company named Globex Telecom LP momently?
Our payment USD 2,474 has been delayed by them since August,2019 and we were told they have payment issue with their clients and bank at that time.Also we found they shared some information on linkedin mentioned they didnt disappear and they were trying to recovery the due.
However,we have tried to get in touch with them recently, nobody replied and they disappeared at all. So if anyone can be the third party to get the due offset with us, kindly contact us, we will be appreciate a lot!

Call Plex

We would like to appraise you with a very disgraceful situation in our company, We would like to inform all our partners and friends that the employment of Mr. Jinson Mathew, Carrier Sales Manager with Voxmage International has been terminated and have been discharged from his respective duties as on November 25th 2019.

During the investigation we have found the act of felony from Mr. Jinson Mathew since last 8 months.

Shatel Global Corp Limited

Dear partners,
Please be aware of Shatel Global Corp Limited. They have not paid $3642.58 their due to our company Progressive Telecom LLC since 1 year.
We choiced to trust them and waited very long time, but always no result and no accuracy info from them. Please beware about this company.
In case you want to check e-mail conversation with them kindly send us e-mail request and we will forward you the e-mail.
Progressive Telecom LLC.


Dear partners,

please be aware of IConnectWebSolutions. They are a debtor to us and don't want to refund our money. When they deal with us, they told us: 
"you have any issue, we will refund, don't worry",
but their service not good and we ask several times for refund, but they don't refund our money to us.

We suggest no business with them.




Goldex Telecom LTD

Please if you have any information on people behind Goldex Telecom LTD share with us as they do not pay us.
Company name Goldex Telecom LTD
They do not pay money they received since 15th of July 2019. And do not respond our requests.
They  have  been  doing good business with us for 5 years but now they changed, please share their contact details as we are sure they have shared it with some of you during that time. We will update you on further details of this process.
Best regards,
Ameda Limited

Revoxo Telecom Incs

Dear Voip Partners.
Revoxo Telecom Incs owes Admy Telecom Inc.
Please be aware from Revoxo Telecom Incs, with registered address: 240 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348574.
Please be careful while doing business with them as you may loose your money.
Thank you.