Dear partners,
please be aware of Valccom company.
They owe us (Samoria Communications) 2000 euro for SMS route which we offered them. We have tried in every way to be reasonable in dealing with the debt issue.
We even offered to grant a debt forgiveness of 1000 euro, so that they should pay only 1000 euro. But till now, they have stopped responding to our messages and cut communication with us.

Retail Voice Networks

Dear partners,
please be aware of Retail Voice Networks.
They owe us (Voip 86) around 8000 USD and refuse to pay us. They paid by bank around 1000 USD and for the rest they just making excuses.
Kindly do not provide them any credits and let us know if any one can help us to recover the amount from them.

TM Connections

Dear partners,
please be aware of TM Connections. -
In May 2020 we (OGN Communications) were contacted by their team and they were looking for doing business with us, claiming they had a good volume of traffic to Colombia, Peru and Jamaica.
We signed an agreement and company was approved for a $3,000 credit line, they started sending traffic and failed to pay the first invoice ($1,654.95), we suspended the service and then right away we received a ‘’wire confirmation’’; we unblocked the service and in couple days as the bill was up to $6,781.22 USD, we found out it was a fake wire so we blocked back the service and started chasing them for funds to be deposited, but it was too late.
We sent innumerous e-mails to their billing staff ( without responses, we also tried to call them in Skype.
If anyone know other means of contact and whereabout of these people, please contact us. Thank you.

Work Service SIP

Dear partners,
please be aware of Work Service SIP.
They used our Peru and Colombia CLI and BD NCLI routes and after it asked for a payment. They are not replying to any e-mail or Skype or Whatsapp from last 1 week, the amount is 1800.00 USD. Its seems they are not willing to pay.
We request to you if you don't want to be cheated, do not work with them. And if you have any business with them please share with us for an offset.


Dear partner,
we have a long trading relationship with this company, but they have stopped making payments.
They have a $2 500 debt with our company (Indian Ocean Telecoms), but ignore all communication efforts.
Please be aware.


Hello everyone.
They used 5000 usd and send us fake bank transfer spil and WU details.
If you want more details about this issue please contact us through Skype ID: gtgnetwork.
Thank you.

Service BPO LLC

Dear partners,
we kindly remind you to be careful with Service BPO LLC and notice their fake payment ways.
This company stolen other people’s Paypal or Payoneer account,then make the payment to the supplier side. Once they used up the amount and the sender side found their amount has been stolen,they will ask for the refund.
Now this company has cheated us and owe us over $2700. Once we ask them to release the payment,they will make all kind of excuses such as they got con-virus in the hospital or ask their partner payment. At last,they already lose their reputation and just ask us to chase the payment to the sender side directly.
If anyone know this company please contact us and provide better solution to chase this payment.
We hope all partners be careful about such behaviour to build a more healthy credit environment in Telecommunication business line.
If you have found them, please contact us: /; skype:chinaskyline-chris

Express Cloud Talk Pvt Ltd.

Dear Voip community,
we are having issues with collecting funds from Express Cloud Talk Pvt Ltd.
If some of you have some dues to them, we are ready to discuss the off-set terms.
Speedflow team

RSA Global Services

Dear Voip community,
we are having issues with collecting funds from RSA Global Services
If some of you have some dues to them, we are ready to discuss the off-set terms.
Speedflow team

Voice Trader LLC

Dear partners,
please be aware of Voice Trader LLC. They constantly ignores our reminders and does not pay its debts.
Hansa Telecom SIA