Globalwide Telecom

This is Rizwan from Voip Voice Telecom. I am here to inform you that please don't deal with Globalwide Telecom (website:
They will ask for CLI routes for their calling card traffic, but when you offer your routes to them they will use your route for fraud traffic or calling to satellite numbers. Because of that my four CLI destinations has been blocked by our carriers. Please don't make deal with them.


Be aware of Torreblanca.
They used the amount of 721.07 in Jamaica route. They refused to pay us (G2N Telecom) because they claim to have been attacked.
They were not open to cooperation, they simply ignored our inquiries, refused to make a police report and blocked us from the means of contact. For this reason, we warn you that we do not recommend doing business with this company.

Elfo Sdn Bhd

Dear partners,
please be aware of Elfo Sdn Bhd.
This company has requested to lease our (Tek Communication Ltd) global title. We have provided pricing and our rules. And have told them that we provide letter of authority on payment.
Since they have receive the letter of authority they are no longer willing to pay us. And have been making fake promises.

Conveyance Telecom

Dear Voip community,
we are having issues with collecting funds from Conveyance Telecom.
If some of you have some dues to them, we are ready to discuss the off-set terms.
Speedflow team

Instacom Ltd UK

Hello Voip Partners,
can someone help us to recover (offset) our payment of amount USD 3388.00 from Instacom Ltd UK. Since we are chasing them approximately since one year. They got every time excuses of changing management as well if they offer any route that work only for 2 hours with hardly 3-4 ports only.
If someone can help us to offset kindly let us know. Further to that if Instacom Ltd UK still unable to offset then we will release an alert to all VoIP community, so our other partners would not affect such kind of company.

Ideal Communications Inc

Ideal Communications Inc owes us $2 236.90.
We opened them with a credit limit of 2k USD and they didn't pay the first invoice.
Their director said they can pay after 2 months and offered offset with 5 ports capacity which will take months to burn credit.
After we requested payment ASAP and 5 ports is not a real offset she said she will even close the 5 ports and did so.
We are in the industry for over 16 years and debt free company in good standing with timely payments to our vendors. This was the first time we did business with Ideal Communications Inc and we are not paid. Their director tells she will be able to pay after 2 months and wastes our time with 5 ports capacity for offset.
This post will be removed when payment is done.

Fonix Mobile PLC

Dear partners,
we agreed with Fonix Mobile to work on a payment term of 7/3, after a week work we managed to make 100$ with them. They promised to pay us on Paypal and we sent them Invoice, but up to now they haven't paid yet, meaning they are dishonest.
Please be aware.

Avantoi Technologies

Our company Voip Voice Telecom made a deal with company Avantoi Technologies regarding BD IGW route on bilateral terms. First they use our BD IGW route then when their credit limit finished we asked them to open route again our credit limit.
They immediately blocked us on Skype and not responding on e-mail. Please stay away from these people. Don't make deal with them. Thanks.

Dobra Telecom LTD

Dear сolleagues,
Please be aware of Dobra Telecom LTD.
The company has a past due payment with us. We have sent many e-mails and messages to them, but there is no response from Dobra Telecom LTD team yet.
We are looking for anyone who can help us with offsetting. For details, please contact:

DollarPhone Enterprise

Dear partners,
our company SUN Telecom have DollarPhone as a customer since 2012 and never had a problem.
For some reason, financial problems or not, they stopped paying. Financial, if they answer our e-mails, keeps telling us they wait for upper management approval.
Now they owe us almost 6000 USD.
Please beware.