Shatel Global Corp Limited

Dear partners,
Please be aware of Shatel Global Corp Limited. They have not paid $3642.58 their due to our company Progressive Telecom LLC since 1 year.
We choiced to trust them and waited very long time, but always no result and no accuracy info from them. Please beware about this company.
In case you want to check e-mail conversation with them kindly send us e-mail request and we will forward you the e-mail.
Progressive Telecom LLC.


Dear partners,

please be aware of IConnectWebSolutions. They are a debtor to us and don't want to refund our money. When they deal with us, they told us: 
"you have any issue, we will refund, don't worry",
but their service not good and we ask several times for refund, but they don't refund our money to us.

We suggest no business with them.




Goldex Telecom LTD

Please if you have any information on people behind Goldex Telecom LTD share with us as they do not pay us.
Company name Goldex Telecom LTD
They do not pay money they received since 15th of July 2019. And do not respond our requests.
They  have  been  doing good business with us for 5 years but now they changed, please share their contact details as we are sure they have shared it with some of you during that time. We will update you on further details of this process.
Best regards,
Ameda Limited

Revoxo Telecom Incs

Dear Voip Partners.
Revoxo Telecom Incs owes Admy Telecom Inc.
Please be aware from Revoxo Telecom Incs, with registered address: 240 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348574.
Please be careful while doing business with them as you may loose your money.
Thank you.

Impreza Global LTD

They have been insurable for high amounts with all well known revenue insurance companies in the past but all of them rejected any credit limit recently.

In fact they owe us the insured amount of USD 61.542.00

We tried to reach out for them several times but learned most of the sales left the company already in silence.

Their IP address is: (the last one after several changes they requested us to do).

Equa Global Communications SA / Ecua Global Communications S.A

Dear partners,

please be aware of Ecua Global Communications S.A.(LinkedIn company name on Equa Global Communications SA.). 
We interconnected with them in April 2019.

They owed us (Worldtone Technology CO.,Ltd.) 3019,961 USD from 6th May 2019 and when payment became due we chased and got reply said will pay on 28th May 2019. But till now they don't make any payment and don't answer to our e-mails and their calls are not available on it.

If any one work with them please kindly help to offset on it.


Comercial Noisew SL

Please beware of Comercial Noisew SL.
They owe Macarena Solutiuons OU 2500 euro and have not responded to e-mails and phone calls for 1 year.

Address:  Avenida Manoteras #38, Oficinas В208-В209 Madrid, 28050 and VAT Nr. ESB85967313

We are looking for offsetting the debt with your 30% favor.

Trueway Technology Co. Ltd.

Dear partners,

please be aware of Trueway Technology., Co Limited.


Address: 1B Swiss Tower, 47 Taihang Road, Causeway Bay Hong Kong




They have given us (Synbyt LLC) trade reference of Singapore Telecommunication (SingTel) / Orange PLC / BSNL. And all the referee has given positive feedback.

After using 2800 USD credit they sent us payment receipt which we found fake. Total stuck amount $3218.10.

You are requested to take necessary steps if you know them and any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Also please share this to mass so this type of fraud can be prevented.


Please beware of Cyberfonica.
They owe Macarena Solutions LTD 2500 euro and do not respond to e-mails and phone calls.
Address:  Avenida Manoteras #38, Oficinas В208-В209 Madrid, 28050 and VAT Nr. ESB85967313
We are looking for offsetting the debt with your 30% favor.

Speedflow twin

Dear partners,
please be aware of fraudsters who use domain: (double 'l' after 'f') and introduce themselves as Speedflow company's employees which is not true.
Please note all Speedflow staff use domain only. If you want to check any information please feel free to visit our web-site: and contact our purchase team via
Please don't add/open any IP until you get official signed and stamped notification from our company and confirmation from our account manager.
If you have any doubts whether the person you communicating with - is Speedflow employee - please contact our CFO Nata Ellis ( before sending/accepting any traffic.

Please note these fraudsters used domain: and IPs:,,,,,,,

This activity is actionable under England and Wales law and considered as unlawful and constitute unfair competition, intentional trademark infringement, trademark dilution, false designation of origin and cybersquatting.
Speedflow team will take all necessary legal actions (including, but not limited to cooperating with local police department) to find and lawsuit these people.